Accelerometers, Gyros and Inertial

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The ADXL335 device combines micromechanical structure and electrical circuits on a single silicon ch..
The ADXL335 breakout board is a evaluation board designed by Anolog devices. The board is incor..
The ADXL345 is a small, very low power motion sensing device with high resolution (13 bit) measure..
The HMC5883L breakout board is a evaluation board designed by Honeywell Inc. for low field magnetic ..
The GY-80 IMU is a add-on board for enhancing hardware prototypes with 10DOF functionality (10 degre..
The L3G4200D break out board is designed by ST Microelectronics which can detect twisting and turnin..
The vital part of MMA7361 triple-axis acclerometer breakout board is MMA7361L IC designed by Freesca..
The most important part of this breakout board is a MMA7455 sensor that is 3-axis, 8 bit/10 bit acce..
The MMA8451 3 axis accelerometer breakout board is a evaluation board for MMA8451 three axis 14bit/8..
GY-88 MPU6050-HMC5883L-BMP085 ( 3-axis Accelerometer + Gyroscope + 3-axis Digital Compass + Digital ..
The MPU6050 6DOF module incorporated with 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope on a single chip..
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