Triple-axis Accelerometer + Magnetometer (Compass) Breakout Board - LSM303

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 In this triple-axis accelerometer/magnetometer compass module, there are two sensors, one is a classic 3-axis accelerometer, which can tell you which direction is down towards the Earth (by measuring gravity). The other is a magnetometer that can sense where the strongest magnetic force is coming from, generally used to detect magnetic north.


If using with an Arduino, its extra-easy to get started as we already wrote a nice little Arduino library to get you started. Simply download our library and connect the SCL pin to your Arduino's I2C clock pin, and SDA pin to your Arduino's I2C data pin and upload our test program to read out accelerometer and magnetic field data.


Key Features
  • Two sensors - 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer
  • Sensor - LSM303DLHC
  • Easy use with either 3 or 5V microcontrollers
  • I2C Interface
  • This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit addresses 0x19 & 0x1E
Triple Axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer (Compass) breakout board.

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