2N3906 Transistor - Plastic Package

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2N3906 is a bipolar junction transistor?PNP transistor in TO-92 Plastic Package. Its DC collector current rating is 200mA and DC Current Gain is 100.


?Transistor Polarity:?PNP

?Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo:?40V

?Transition Frequency Typ ft:?250MHz

?Power Dissipation Pd:?625mW

?DC Collector Current:?-200mA

?DC Current Gain hFE:?100

?Transistor Case Style:?TO-92

?No. of Pins:?3

?Collector Emitter Voltage Vces:?250mV

?Continuous Collector Current Ic Max:?200mA

?Current Ic @ Vce Sat:?10mA

?Current Ic Fall Time Measurement:?10mA

?Fall Time @ Ic:?300ns

?Full Power Rating Temperature:?25?C

?Hfe Min:?100

?No. of Transistors:?1

?Package / Case:?TO-92

?Pin Configuration:?b

?Power Dissipation Pd:?625mW

?Termination Type:?Through Hole

?Voltage Vcbo:?40V

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