3.3V Fixed Output TPS565201 Synchronous Step-Down Voltage Regulator DC-DC Buck Converter Module

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Advantage of TPS565201 3.3V DC-DC Buck Converter Module
Compact & Tested Module: High-frequency DCDC power supply design could be challenging. With the readily available modules, design engineers can focus on application development.
Enable Pin: DC-DC Module exposes Enable pin to control the output from an external circuit. It is internally pulled up and needs to be pulled low to shut it down.

3.3V DC-DC Buck Converter Module Dimensions and Pinouts


Extra Information

Serobit Digtronix
12.7 x 12.7 mm
Input voltage:
5 to 15V DC
Output voltage:
Output Current:
Full Load efficiency:
> 91%
No Load Current:
~ 500uA
Power output:
5W Max
Operating Frequency:
~ 600Khz
Input Voltage Ripple:
< 200mV
Output Voltage Ripple:
< 60mv
Operating temperature:
-40 to 65 Deg C Ambient
Chip Used:

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