9-DOF Accel/Mag/Gyro+Temp Breakout Board - LSM9DS1

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The LSM9DS1 is not the same set of sensors as the LSM9DS0. Here are some of the differences:

  • LSM9DS0 accelerometer has +-2/+-4/+-6/+-8/+-16 g ranges. The LSM9DS1 has +-2/+-4/+-8/+-16 g (no +-6 g range).
  • LSM9DS0 magnetometer has +-2/+-4/+-8/+-12 gauss ranges. The LSM9DS1 has +-4/+-8/+-12/+-16 gauss ranges. So the LSM9DS0 has +-2 gauss low range where-as the LSM9DS1 has +-16 gauss high range.
  • LSM9DS0 and LSM9DS1 gyros both have the same +-245/+-500/+-2000 dps ranges.

There are other differences, for example we noticed the LSM9DS1 has slightly worse accuracy. The gyro angular zero-rate (+-25 for the LSM9DS0 and +-30 for the LSM9DS1 at the highest sensing range). The accelerometer offset accuracy is +-90 mg for the LSM9DS1 and +-60 mg for the LSM9DS0.

The breakout board version of this sensor has both I2C and SPI interfaces. Attaching it to the Arduino is simple, power Vin and GND with 3-5VDC, and wire up I2C data on SCL and SDA, and you're ready to go! More advanced users can use SPI, our library has support for both.

Key Features:

  • 2/4/8/16 g (no 6 g range)
  • 4/8/12/16 gauss ranges
  • 245/500/2000 dps ranges
  • Power Vin and GND with 3-5VDC, and wire up I2C data on SCL and SDA
  • Supports SPI
  • Product Dimensions: 33.4mm x 20.4mm x 3.0mm / 1.3" x 0.8" x 0.1"
  • Product Weight: 2.5g / 0.1oz

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