BQ25302 Lithium Battery Charger Module (Single Cell)

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The BC170903-S is a compact (25.4 x 17.5 mm) module with battery overcharge protection, perfect for Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries that do not have their own protection circuit. The module has an inbuilt input EMI filter and thermal protection. The module is designed to charge rechargeable Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries using the constant current of 1.2 A and constant voltage of 4.1/4.2 V charging method.

Key Features
  • Compact Size: 25.4 x 17.5 mm
  • Input voltage: 4.5 – 6V DC 
  • Output voltage: 4.1/4.2V 
  • Charging Current: ~1.2A
  • Battery Leakage current: ~200nA @ 4.5V battery voltage
  • Inbuilt Input EMI filter
  • Battery Protection: Over charge, Over voltage, short, open
  • Inbuilt thermal protection
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 65 Deg C Ambient

Module Pinout

  • VIN Pin: Input voltage
  • GND Pin: Power ground
  • BAT Pin: Battery +ve
  • TS Pin: Reserved for future
  • ICN Pin: This is only used if you want to change the charging current. Contact Serobit for details
  • Enable Pin: can be used to control the output from an external circuit. It is internally pulled down by a 100k resistor. High on this pin will shut down the charger

Board Dimensions


Lithium Battery Charger Module Video

Extra Information

Serobit Digtronix
Compact Size:
25.4 x 17.5 mm
Input Voltage:
4.5 – 6V DC
Output Voltage:
Charging Current:
Battery Leakage Current:
~200nA @ 4.5V battery voltage
Battery Protection:
Over charge, Over voltage, short, open
Operating Temperature Range:
-40 to 65 Deg C Ambient

Warranty Information

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