BC66-TE-B NB-IoT Development Board supports Arduino Interface

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BC66-TE-B is a NB-IoT development board which supports Arduino interface. Designed in 70.0mm ×74.0mm × 1.6mm form factor, BC66-TE-B can be used either alone or in conjunction with STM32 Nucleo-64 development board, so as to develop and debug applications which communicate with infrastructures of mobile network operators through NB-IoT radio protocols in 3GPP Rel. 13. BC66 is an SMD type module with LCC package, and has an ultra-compact profile of 17.7mm × 15.8mm × 2.0mm. These make it can be easily embedded into size-constrained applications and provide reliable connectivity with the applications. BC66 provides abundant external interfaces (UART, USB, NETLIGHT, etc.) and protocol stacks (UDP/TCP, LwM2M, MQTT, etc.), which provide great convenience for customers' applications.


Extra Information

Power Supply:
USB interface: Supply voltage range: 4.75V~5.25V Typical supply voltage: 5.0V Arduino interface: Supply voltage range: 4.75V~5.25V Typical supply voltage: 5.0V
Transmitting Power:
USIM Interface:
Support 1.8V external USIM card
UART Switch:
Used to switch the communication object of BC66 main UART port
Temperature Range:
-35 ~ +75 C
USB Interface:
Support three UART ports
RESET Button:
Used to reset BC66 module
70.0mm × 74.0mm × 1.6mm
Arduino Interface:
Used for connection with STM32 Nucleo-64 development board
Firmware Upgrade:
Firmware upgrade via main UART port or DFOTA
PWRKEY Button:
Used for power on and off BC66 module
Antenna Interface:
50 Ohm characteristic impedance

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