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Prototype Shield for Raspberry Pi

Prototype Shield for Raspberry Pi

Part No: RPS-104
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To start evaluating the projects of raspberry pi board on the dot PCB platform and on a breadboard, now comes in 'single platform shield'. The shield are the types of add-on boards which are used in the form of plug and play modules and sits directly on the main board, allowing every possible GPIOs headers to be directly accessible on the prototype board.


A prototype board allows developers to freely evaluate the board by plugging any numbers of modules and components in the dot PCB area. Raspberry pi compatible prototype shield also comes with a mini breadboard for expanding the possibility of the prototype testing easily and fast eliminating the soldering work. As a prototype board, it also provides power and state indicator light for safe and easy prototype designing on raspberry pi.


  • SOP16 SMT
  • 2 LED Indicator
  • Including a Mini Breadboard.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.

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