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STM3210B-ARD; STM32/Raspberry Pi/Arduino Compatible 3-in-1 Standalone/ST-Adapter

STM3210B-ARD ; 3-in-1 STM32/Raspberry Pi/Arduino Compatible

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
Part No: STM3210B-ARD
Availability: In Stock

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STM3210B-ARD offers an interesting blend of triple-play platform in single board. Based on STM32F103 MCU, the Embedded Pi board can be used as Raspberry Pi, Arduino™ or STM32 MCU family platform. It can operate in 3 modes: Standalone, ST-Adapter and Raspberry Pi. By bring all three communities together; it helps to get the most out of each platform.




Standalone mode

Embedded Pi acts as a base platform, the STM32F103 controls the Arduino™ shields directly.

ST-Adapter mode

Embedded Pi controls the Arduino™ shields, and the Raspberry Pi acts as the GUI or command line console that send commands and data to, and receives data from, the Embedded Pi

Raspberry Pi mode

Embedded Pi acts as a hardware connection bridge between the Raspberry Pi and Arduino™ shields.

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