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LAUNCHXL2-570LC43 - Hercules TMS570LC43x LaunchPad Kit

LAUNCHXL2-570LC43 - Hercules TMS570LC43x LaunchPad Kit

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments (TI)
Part No: LAUNCHXL2-570LC43
Availability: 2-3 Days

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The highest performance TMS570 series automotive-grade MCU embedded in a TMS570LC43x Launch Pad™ is designed specifically for the development of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 functional safety applications.

The Hercules™ TMS570LC43x Launch Pad™ Development Kit is a low-cost evaluation platform based on the lockstep cached 300MHz ARM® Cortex®-R5F which is pre-programmed with a Hercules safety MCU demo enabling users to easily learn about the key safety, data acquisition and control features of the Hercules MCU platform.

The essential features includes like IEEE 1588 precision time Ethernet PHY DP83630 connectivity options, the standard Booster Pack headers, for further expansion to an FPGA or an external SRAM using high-density connectors for MCU's parallel interfaces - EMIF, RTP, and DMM.

The essential diagnostic features includes like ECC protection with plenty of peripherals such as two 12-bit ADC, programmable High-End timers, motor control peripherals (eQEP, eCAP, ePWM), Ethernet, FlexRay, MibSPI, EMIF and many serial communication interfaces.


  • USB powered and capability for external 5v supply

  • On board USB XDS_ICDIc2 JTAG debug

  •  IEEE 1588 precision time Ethernet PHY DP83630

  • On board SCI to PC serial communication

  • User programmable push buttons

  • Reset switches

  • LEDs and Analog input

  • Two 40 pin BoosterPack XL Headers (one populated)

  • High density connectors for parallel ports (EMIF, RTP, DMM) for further expansion

  • Footprint for prototyping headers (not populated) to bring out all MCU Pins

  • External high-speed emulation via 14-pin TI-JTAG header (not populated)

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