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MSP-EXP430FR5739 - Experimenter Board

MSP-EXP430FR5739 - Experimenter Board

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments (TI)
Part No: MSP-EXP430FR5739
Availability: In Stock

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TI’s introduces a new rapid prototyping device on experimental scale, which means developers can test and design many varied prototypes with no scope for ready to market final production phase. It supports the attest new generation MSP430 microcontroller with integrated Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM). The latest MSP430 devices are industries newest low power consumption device with capability of quick data read/write with expandable memory support.

Due to such features board finds enormous application in energy harvesting, wireless application, automatic metering infrastructure and many more. Many compatible add-ons board find great usage for developing industrial standard application, such as CC2520EMK, a wireless evaluation module.

MSP430FR5739 device is an experimenter platform which required power and debug source through integrated ez430Emulator or TI Flash emulation tool.


Integrated MSP430FR5739 :

·         16KB FRAM / 1KB SRAM

·         16-Bit RISC Architecture up to 8-MHz

·         2x Timer_A Blocks, 3x Timer_B Block

·         1x USCI (UART/SPI/IrDA/I2C ) Blocks, 16Ch 10-Bit ADC12_B, 16Ch Comp_D, 32 I/Os

·         3 axis accelerometer

·         NTC Thermistor

·         8 Display LED's

·         Footprint for additional through-hole LDR sensor

·         2 User input Switches

·         Connections

·         Connection to MSP-EXP430F5438

·         Connection to most Wireless Daughter Cards (CCxxxx RF)

·         Preloaded with out-of-box demo code

·         4 Modes to test FRAM features:

·         Mode 1 - Max write speed

·         Mode 2 - Flash write speed emulation

·         Mode 3 - Fast sampling with writes using accelerometer

·         Mode 4 - Fast sampling with writes using Thermistor

·         Mode 1 & Mode 2 include ULP option to turn off display & optimize for power management

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