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DM320107 - PIC32MM USB Curiosity Development Board

DM320107 - PIC32MM USB Curiosity Development Board

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology
Part No: DM320107
Availability: Out Of Stock

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For quick experimentation and feature rich prototyping in eXtreme Low Power platform, PIC32MM USB Curiosity Development Board is the first choice for developers. The board features the new eXtreme Low Power (XLP), PIC32MM “GPM” family (PIC32MM0256GPM064) of low cost microcontrollers.

The board also includes an integrated programmer/debugger and offers seamless integration with Microchip’s MPLAB® Code Configurator, MPLAB® Xpress Cloud-based IDE and MPLAB® X IDE

The potential of the board is notable with application of 2 MikroElektronika mikroBUS™ expansion interfaces that gives the user access to over 300+ add-on click boards™, USB micro B connector which facilitate the integration of features like Audio noise cancellation, USB headphones, Hi-Resolution audio, Bluetooth audio and other general purpose applications.

The board give experience to different types of application from RGB color mixing via potentiometer onboard (Demo) and PIC32MM “GPM” family also facilitate to develop USB audio applications.

Demo Highlights:

  • Implements USB isochronous digital audio streaming to I2S conversion

  • Works with the AC320100 audio codec daughter board to implement:

    • Full stereo 48kHz digital audio playback

    • Simultaneous microphone sampling and I2S streaming input capability

  • Implements fine resolution fractional clock division for eliminating audio playback rate mismatch with the host

  • Implements an HID audio control interface for digitally adjusting volume/pause/play, etc.

  • The demo supports:

    • Apple*

    • Windows

    • Google/Android AOA Audio


·         Features the eXtreme low power PIC32MM0256GPM064 general purpose, 32-bit microcontroller

·         Low Voltage Sleep Mode with RAM retention < 650nA

·         Integrated crystal-less USB capability for increased connectivity

·         4-Channel Hardware DMA and a CRC Engine designed to offload the CPU and increase efficiency

·         Integrated PICkit™ On-Board (PKOB) circuit that enables programming/debugging capability

·         Functionality expansion support with 2 X MikroElektronika mikroBUS™ interfaces for click boards™

·         Two X32 headers for audio I/O applications

·         Compatible with the PIC32 Audio Codec Daughter Card - AK4642EN (AC320100)

·         Various user interface options

·         MCLR reset button + three general purpose push buttons

·         Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED + two general purpose indicator LEDs

·         Analog potentiometer

·         Female headers for access to microcontroller I/O pins

·         Small prototyping area for the user to add custom components

·         Full compatibility with MPLAB® Code Configurator, MPLAB® Xpress Cloud-based IDE and MPLAB®X IDE

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