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ATAVRPARROT- AVR Parrot Evaluation Board for Digital Audio Recording & Playback System

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology
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The Parrot board is designed with all the necessary components to develop an audio recording and playback system. The board contains an external memory device, 8-bit devices may be the perfect solution for your low cost, low power audio needs. The board uses the AVR microcontroller event system and direct memory access (DMA) peripherals to create an audio storage and playback system that entirely avoids using the CPU after initialization. It also serves as a great method to add audio recording or playback to an existing design.


➧ 8-bit recording

➧ The configurable sampling rate for high-quality sound recording or longer record time

➧ Very small code size

➧ Optional data storage options, both using SPI:
  – Raw data on an SD card using multiple sectors write
  – Use a serial DataFlash
➧ Only small changes necessary for use on other AVR® devices
➧ Uses ADC, DAC, SPI, timer, and event system peripherals
➧ Exemplifies changing a register with CCP and using interrupts
➧ Microphone and speaker on the board
➧ User buttons: Rec, Play, Back, Forward and Erase
➧ Potentiometer for output volume adjustment
➧ Reset button
➧ 2 LEDs for indication
➧ USB power supply

Key Features



– Atmel® AVR® 8-bit CPU
– Running at up to 20MHz
– Single Cycle I/O Access
– Two-level Interrupt Controller
– Two-cycle Hardware Multiplier

Analog input (ADC)

-Temperature sensor
-RC filter

Digital I/O

-One mechanical button switch
-Three LEDs
-Four expansion headers


– 4/8KB In-system self-programmable Flash Memory
– 256/512B SRAM

Speed Grades

– 0-5MHz @ 1.8V – 5.5V
– 0-10MHz @ 2.7V – 5.5V
– 0-20MHz @ 4.5V – 5.5V

Power Supply

USB Powered (or 5VDC, AC/DC adapter)

Temperature Ranges

– -40°C to 105°C
– -40°C to 125°C Temperature Graded Device Options Available

Digital Sound Recorder using DAC with ATtiny817

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