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SparkFun Pocket AVR Programmer

PGM-09825 - SparkFun Pocket AVR Programmer

Manufacturer: SparkFun
Part No: PGM-09825
Availability: In Stock

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It is a simple to use USB AVR programmer


➤ 1x Pocket AVR Programmer
➤ 1x AVR Programming Cable


➤ Standard AVR ISP programmer
➤ ATtiny2313 with USBtiny firmware preloaded
➤ Buffered output
➤ PTC fuse protected power
➤ The programmer can power target
➤ Supports ATmega168/328 and many others
➤ Two status LEDs
➤ Both 10-pin and 6-pin targets supported (cable included)

Key Features

➤ Uses an SMD 5x2 header

➤ Works with AVRDude

➤ Tested extensively on a Windows desktop

➤ Based on Dick Streefland’s USBtiny and Limor Fried’s USBtinyISP

➤ Ability to power the target (up to 500mA) from the programmer

➤ The microcontroller-to-be-programmed can be any AVR with 64K or less of flash

Hookup Guide

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