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TMDSEMU110-U - XDS110 JTAG Debug Probe

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments (TI)
Part No: TMDSEMU110-U
Availability: In Stock

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The XDS110 is designed to replace the ageing XDS100 family of JTAG debuggers with higher JTAG and cJTAG data throughput with additional support for ARM Serial Wire debug modes. The probe supports the traditional IEEE1149.1 (JTAG) as well as IEEE1149.7 (cJTAG) and ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD)/Serial Wire Output (SWO) and operates with interface levels of +1.8-+3.6V with USB2.0 Full Speed (11Mbps) or High Speed (480Mbps) connection to the host.


➧ Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and Serial Wire Output (SWO) are available for selected MCUs and wireless connectivity MCUs
➧ Core and System trace are available via the ETB in a selected ARM and DSP processors


➧ XDS110 debug pod
➧ 20-pin debug cable
➧ 14-pin auxiliary cable
➧ TI 20-pin to TI 14-pin converter adapter
➧ TI 20-pin to ARM Cortex 20-pin converter adapter
➧ TI 20-pin to ARM Cortex 10-pin converter adapter
➧ USB2.0 cable

Key Features

➧ Basic debug communications to the target system
– IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG)
– IEEE 1149.7 (cJTAG)
– ARM serial wire debug (SWD)
➧ Enhanced and auxiliary debug communications
– Support for trace capture through ARM serial wire output (SWO) – UART mode only
– Support for UART communications to and from the target system
– Support for GPIO channels
➧ Target I/O voltage support from 1.8 V to 3.6 V
➧ Power profiling features
– Support for TI EnergyTrace
➧ Host communications
– USB 2.0 high-speed (HS) communication link to the debug host system
– Probe power through USB 5-V supply
➧ Expansion
– A 30-pin expansion interface that can support a wide array of auxiliary functions
➧ Target power can be supplied from the probe

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