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CC31XXEMUBOOST - Advanced Emulation Kit for SimpleLink Wi-Fi

CC31XXEMUBOOST - Advanced Emulation Kit for SimpleLink Wi-Fi

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments (TI)
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Advanced Emulation Kit for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC31xx BoosterPack plug-in module

Save time and resources developing with CC3100 and CC3200 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED chips and modules


➤ High performance and easy hardware design

➤ Smaller footprint, reduced solution BOM

➤ Easy and quick software design

➤ Easy implementation of IP applications such as service discovery, e-mail, instant messaging and security

➤ Quickly enable TLS secure link (<200 ms)

➤ Ensures Wi-Fi connection in headless applications with multiple options

➤ Enables battery-operated devices

Key Features

➤ Single-chip Wi-Fi MCU: Wi-Fi network processor + ARM Cortex-M4 MCU integrated into one chip including RF reference design

➤ 802.11 b/g/n station and access point roles with fully integrated radio, baseband and MAC

➤ Embedded TCP/IP stack and Wi-Fi driver transparent to the application user

➤ Internet protocols including mDNS, DNS, SSL/TLS, web server (HTTP). Extended protocol examples including MQTT messaging and SMTP e-mail

➤ FTDI debug support
➤ Enables enumeration SPI & GPIO for SimpleLink Studio for CC31xx
➤ Enumerates COM port for flashing
➤ Enables network processor logger output (TX only)
➤ 2 USB ports
➤ BoosterPack headers

➤ Embedded hardware crypto engine and TLS/SSL Internet security

➤ Flexible connection (provisioning) methods including access point mode, WPS and Smart-Config technology

➤ Low-power radio and advanced low-power modes

User Guide

SimpleLink Wi-Fi AT Command User's Guide

TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi Family - Internet-on-a-chip solutions

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