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CC3200STK-WIFIMK - SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 SensorTag

CC3200STK-WIFIMK - SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 SensorTag

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments (TI)
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SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 SensorTag


➤ Connect sensors directly to the cloud with WiFi
➤ Cloud connectivity lets you access and controls your SensorTag from anywhere
➤ Get connected quickly, set up and connect in 3 minutes!
➤ Upgrade the SensorTag firmware over-the-air from the SensorTag smartphone app

Key Features

➤ CC3200, SimpleLink Wi-Fi, internet-on-a chip solution with integrated MCU
➤ 20-pin DevPack SKIN connector and 10-pin JTAG connector
➤ Onboard inverted-F antenna with RF connector for conducted testing
➤ Two buttons, two LEDs, a reed relay, a digital microphone, and a buzzer for user interaction
➤ Gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass for easy integration in IoT application
➤ Debug and JTAG interface for flash programming
➤ AAA battery connector interface
➤ Infrared Thermopile Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Humidity Sensor, and Light Sensor
➤ Onboard 1-MB serial flash memory

User Guides

CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi SensorTag Operational Description

CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi SensorTag Product Specification

CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi and IoT SensorTag

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