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SIP-0P5WRS301 - Samsung Artik 053 Module

SIP-0P5WRS301 - Samsung Artik 053 Module

Manufacturer: Samsung Semiconductor
Part No: SIP-0P5WRS301
Availability: In Stock

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Samsung New Smart IoT Module now become more smart and compact and offers unmatched security to the IoT world. The new module in comparison to its previous product line of Samsung’s smart IoT modules starting with Artik0 family which does not include Wifi, the current version Artik 053 has gone wireless and supports built in security module loaded with factory installed certificates and keys safe.

Artik 053 has onboard 32 bit ARM Cortex R4 running at 320MHz, with dedicated 29 GPIOs for devices to connect like 2 SPI, 4 UART & ADC, 1 JTAG, 2 I2C. The device is powered between the ranges of 5-12Volt DC Input voltage. The software of the device has powerful & interactive Linux based RTOS namely Tizen RT which includes API interface to accelerate the development process and protocols like Light Weight Machine to machine(LWM2M) adds the wide portability and connectivity to many external devices for developing smart IoT environment.

SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform in Artik 053 module promises its unbeatable embedded wireless service for monitoring, tracking and secure interoperability of the connected devices. The device also adds its advanced SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Cloud connectors which greatly elevate the capabilities of the connected devices more securely and smartly.


  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex® R4 @ 320MHz for applications

  • 29 dedicated GPIO ports, 2 SPI, 4 UART (2-pin), 4 ADC, 1 JTAG, 2 I2C

  • 5-12VDC input voltage

  • Completely integrated security subsystem

  • Secure communication with unique, per-device key for authentication

  • Secure boot to make sure only authorized software can run

  • Secure storage protected by physically uncloneable function (PUF)

  • Tizen RT with RTOS, Wi-Fi and networking middleware

  • API interface to simplify development process

  • LWM2M support for device management

  • Fully integrated with ARTIK IoT Platform and ARTIK Cloud

  • Developers can use ARTIK IDE, GCC C/C++ compilers, and OpenOCD to develop for ARTIK 053.



32 bit ARM Cortex R4 with 32KB I-Cache and 32KB D-Cache @ 320 MHz


1280KB (General Use) 128KB (Global IPC Data)


8MB Flash

Secure System

AES/DES/TDES, SHA-1/SHA-2, PKA (Public Key Accelerator), PRNG/DTRNG (Random Number Generators), Secure Key Storage


Physical Unclonable Function


Certified IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wifi, 2.4 GHz radio


FCC (U.S.), IC (Canada), CE (EU), KC (Korea), SRRC (China)

Single Supply

Wide voltage input range 5V-12V




15mm W x 40mm H x 3mm D

Samsung Tizen RT OS Features

Real time

Tasks, threads, queues, mutex, semphore, signal


Real-time clock, date/time, timer, sleep


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