BT139-600E - 600V 16A 4Q Triac Planar Passivated Sensitive Gate TO-220AB-3

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Planar passivated sensitive gate four quadrant triac in a TO-220AB plastic package intended for use in applications requiring high bidirectional transient and blocking voltage capability and high thermal cycling performance. Typical applications include motor control, industrial and domestic lighting, heating and static switching. This sensitive gate "series E" triac is intended to be interfaced directly to microcontrollers, logic integrated circuits and other low power gate trigger circuits.



  • Direct triggering from low power drivers and logic ICs
  • High blocking voltage capability
  • Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
  • Sensitive gate
  • Triggering in all four quadrants




Extra Information

WeEn Semiconductors
RMS on-state current:
Non-repetitive peak on-state current:
155-170 A
Repetitive peak off-state voltage:
600 V
Gate trigger current:
2.5-45 mA
Holding current:
4-45 mA
Junction temperature:
125 C
On-state voltage:
1.2-1.6 V
Rate of rise of off-state voltage:
50 V/s

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