Clean Room Temperature, Relative Humidity and Differential Pressure Monitor with Remote Sensor for Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Clean Room Temperature, Relative Humidity, Differential Pressure Monitor – CRM-313-R is the latest upgraded, flush mounted monitoring equipment, which is used during and after mapping and validation processes for analyzing and continuous monitoring at research labs, cold storage warehouses in industries like Pharma manufacturing & packaging, Animal Housing, and Hospitals & Meteorological industries.

  • 7 Segments L.E.D. display Indication for Temperature, Humidity & Differential Pressure at a time
  • Remote Temperature and Humidity sensor connection facility.
  • Independent Programmable Alarm for Temperature, Humidity & Differential Pressure.
  • Integrated Buzzer for Alarm limits violation with acknowledgment facility.
  • Software calibration facility.
  • Password protected programming.
  • Isolated RS-485 communication with Modbus RTU Protocol.

Technical Specification

Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Remote, sensor with cable length less than 10 meter available
Differential Pressure Sensor: Integrated Differential Pressure sensor with Brass Hose Nozzles (Chrome Plated) for +Ve & -Ve Pressure connection
Range & Resolution
  • Temperature: -20.0 C to 60.0 C
  • Humidity: 0% to 100% RH,
  • Display resolution: 1 for Temperature and RH
  • Temperature: +- 0.5 C
  • Humidity: +- 2 % RH
  • Differential Pressure: +- 1% of F.S.
  • Operating Ambient Temp. : 0 to 50°C
  • Humidity: Below 95% RH, Non condensing.
  • Supply voltage: 24VDC +-10%
  • Power consumption: Less than 1.2 watt at 24VDC
  • Differential Pressure: Upper 4-digit Seven Segment 0.4” Red L.E.D. display
  • Temperature: Middle 4-digit Seven Segments 0.4” Red L.E.D. display
  • Humidity: Lower 4-digit Seven Segment 0.4” Red L.E.D. display
  • Status indication: 3 L.E.D.s for Alarms, one for each parameter
  • Audio Indication: Integrated Buzzer for Alarm limits violation of any of the 3 parameters
  • RS-485 Slave: Isolated RS-485 communication with Modbus RTU Protocol
  • Programmable Settings: Baud rate (9600 bps), Parity (O/E/N), Data bits (8), Stop bits (1/2)
  • No of salve ID: 1-250
  • Minimum Polling Interval: 500 milliseconds
Programmable Parameters
  • Set point: Programmable as per input selection
  • Programming of parameters: 3 Nos. push button front keys (with password protection)
  • Alarm logic: High or Low, user programmable
  • Flush mounting plate: SS-304
  • Front plate size: 90 mm (H) x 110 mm (W)
  • Back enclosure: MS with powder coated
  • Overall Dimension: 90mm (H) x 110 mm (W) x 43mm (D)
  • Mounting: Modular wall mounting with Stainless Steel Front
Applications of Clean Room Monitor with Remote sensor (CRM-313-R)
  • Clean room application in Pharmaceutical
  • Pharma Environments monitoring applications
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling).
  • Animal house clean room
  • Cold Storage

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