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Quectel L70-RL GPS Evaluation Board

Quectel L70-RL GPS Evaluation Board (EVB) Kit

Manufacturer: Quectel
Part No: L70-RLEVB-KIT
Availability: In Stock

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L70-RL GPS Features

Receiver Type

GPS L1 1575.42MHz C/A Code
66 search channels, 22 simultaneous tracking channels

Power Supply

Supply voltage: 2.8V~4.3V Typical voltage: 3.3V

Sensitivity (Embedded LNA)

Acquisition: -149dBm@
Re-acquisition: -161dBm@
Tracking: -167dBm@

TTFF (EASY Enabled)

Cold start (Autonomous): 35s typ.@-130dBm
Warm start (Autonomous): 30s typ.@-130dBm

Hot start (Autonomous): 1s typ.@-130dBm

TTFF (EASY Disabled)

Cold start: 15s typ. @-130dBm
Warm start: 5s typ. @-130dBm
Hot start: 1s typ. @-130dBm

Horizontal Position
Accuracy (Autonomous)

<2.5m CEP @-130dBm

Update Rate

Up to 5Hz, 1Hz by default

Accuracy of 1PPS Signal

Typical accuracy: ±10ns
Time pulse width 100ms

Velocity Accuracy

Without aid: 0.1m/s

Acceleration Accuracy  

Without aid: 0.1m/s²

Dynamic Performance

Maximum altitude: 18,000m
Maximum velocity: 515m/s Maximum
Acceleration: 4G


UART port: TXD1 and RXD1
Supports baud rate from 4800bps to 115200bps, 9600bps by default
UART port is used for NMEA output, MTK proprietary messages input

Temperature Range

Normal operation: -40°C ~ +85°C
Storage temperature: -45°C ~ +125°C

Physical Characteristics

Size: 10.1±0.15 ×9.7±0.15 ×2.5±0.15mm
Weight: Approx. 0.6g


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