DA14585-00ATDEVKT-B - SmartBond BLE BT5.0 Basic Development Kit

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This Development Kit gives you all the flexibility you need to develop your product with confidence, creating more advanced connected applications with the smallest footprints and power budgets. At the core of this development kit is our SmartBond DA14585. It is the smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth System-on-Chip solution currently available. And this versatile SoC brings Bluetooth 5.0 functionality to our well-known DA1458x family.



  • Lowest power consumption
  • Smallest system size
  • Lowest system cost
  • USB/UART/SWD interface
  • GPIO connections
  • SPI-Flash-memory
  • The mounted DA14585 device
  • PCB antenna

Kit Accessories:

  • Bluetooth low energy basic board
  • Mini USB-cable
  • Coin cell battery (CR2032)


  • Remote controls
  • Proximity tags and trackers
  • Beacons
  • Connected medical devices
  • Smart home
  • Human Interface Devices
  • VR controllers
  • Connected sensors
  • Wireless charging

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