Quectel EC200U-CN LTE Cat-1 4G LTE QuecOpen Module for M2M, IoT Applications

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EC200U-CN is the latest LTE Cat 1 wireless communication module launched by Quectel. It supports a maximum downlink rate of 10 Mbps and a maximum uplink rate of 5 Mbps. EC200U-CN also supports standard Mini PCIe package to meet the application requirements of products in different industries. EC200U-CN adopts the laser carving process, which has a better appearance, strong metal texture, better heat dissipation, information is not easy to be erased, and is more adaptable to automation demand and other advantages.
EC200U-CN has built-in rich network protocols, integrates multiple industry standard interfaces, and supports multiple drivers and software functions (for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux and Android operating systems such as USB drivers), which greatly expands its application scope in the M2M field, such as POS, POC, ETC, sharing, data card, energy control, security, industrial PDA, etc.

Key Features
  • LTE Cat 1 wireless module designed for M2M and IoT applications
  • Multi-network system coverage
  • Rich functional interface
  • Support internal Codec
  • Built-in GNSS
  • Support bluetooth
  • Support Wi-Fi Scan positioning
  • Support FOTA remote upgrade function
  • Super cost-effective

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