ESP32-LyraT-Mini - ESP32-WROVER-B Lightweight Audio Development Board

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ESP32-LyraT-Mini is a lightweight audio development board based on ESP32-WROVER-B, which implements AEC, AGC, NS WWE (wake word engine) and other audio signal processing technologies.

Audio Codec Chip
The audio codec chip, ES8311, is a low power mono audio codec. It consists of 1-channel ADC, 1-channel DAC, low noise pre-amplifier, headphone driver, digital sound effects, analog mixing and gain functions. It is interfaced with ESP32-WROVER-B Module over I2S and I2C buses to provide audio processing in hardware independently from the audio application.
Audio Output
Output socket to connect headphones with a 3.5 mm stereo jack. (Please note that the board outputs a mono signal)
Speaker Output
Output socket to connect 4 ohm speaker. The pins have a standard 2.54 mm / 0.1” pitch.
Functions as the communication interface between a PC and the ESP32.
USB Power Port
Provides the power supply for the board.
Standby / Charging LEDs
The Standby green LED indicates that power has been applied to the USB Power Port. The Charging red LED indicates that a battery connected to the Battery Socket is being charged.
Power On Switch
Power on/off knob: toggling it to the top powers the board on; toggling it to the down powers the board off.
Power On LED
Red LED indicating that Power On Switch is turned on.
The ESP32-WROVER-B module contains ESP32 chip to provide Wi-Fi / BT connectivity and data processing power as well as integrates 32 Mbit SPI flash and 64 Mbit PSRAM for flexible data storage.

Extra Information

EspressIf Systems
Flash / PSRAM:
8 MB Flash+8 MB PSRAM
User Interface:
Button, LED

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