ESP32-S2 4MB Flash Wi-Fi Multimedia Development Kit

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The new multimedia development board ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 based on ESP32-S2 has various functions, such as an LCD screen display, touch panel control, camera image acquisition, audio playback, etc. It can be flexibly assembled and disassembled, thus fulfilling a variety of customized requirements.

It integrates the ESP32-S2-WROVER module and all the connectors for extension boards. This board is the key tool in prototyping human-computer interaction interfaces.

The ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 board has connectors for boards with:

  • Extension header (ESP-LyraT-8311A, ESP-LyraP-LCD32)
  • Camera header (ESP-LyraP-CAM)
  • Touch FPC coneector (ESP-LyraP-TouchA)
  • LCD FPC connector (no official extension boards yet)
  • I2C FPC connector (no official extension boards yet)

All the four extension boards are specially desgined to support the following features:

  • Touch panel control
    • Six touch buttons

    • Supports acrylic panels up to 5 mm

    • Wet hand operation

    • Water rejection, ESP32-S2 can be configured to disable all touchpads automatically if multiple pads are simultaneously covered with water and to re-enable touchpads if the water is removed

  • Audio playback
    • Connect speakers to play audio

    • Use together with the Touch panel to control audio playback and adjust volume

  • LCD display
    • LCD interface (8-bit parallel RGB, 8080, and 6800 interface)

  • Camera image acquisition
    • Supports OV2640 and OV3660 camera modules

    • 8-bit DVP image sensor interface (ESP32-S2 also supports 16-bit DVP image sensors, you can design it yourself)

    • Clock frequency up to 40 MHz

    • Optimized DMA transmission bandwidth for easier transmission of high-resolution images

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