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The Grove - Moisture Sensor is a kind of soil moisture detector that can measures soil moisture for plants.The soil moisture sensor consists of two probes that allow the current to pass through the soil and then obtain resistance values to measure soil moisture content. It can be used to decide if the plants in a garden need watering. It can be used in gardens to automate watering plants. It can be used very easily by just inserting the sensor into the soil and reading the output using ADC.

NOTE: This sensor is not hardened against contamination or exposure of the control circuitry to water and may be prone to electrolytic corrosion across the probes, please use it for PROTOTYPING ONLY.

  • Easy to use
  • Grove compatible interface( u-blox version)
  • Soil moisture sensor based on soil resistivity meansurement
  • Botanical Gardening
  • Moisture Sensoring
  • Consistency Measurement


Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before using the product.

Note: The Grove cable is not included with this product and needs to be purchased separately.

List of available different Grove cables

Extra Information

Seeed Studio
60mm x20mm x6.35mm
G.W 10g
PCB size:
2.0cm X 6.0cm
Sensor Output Value in dry soil:
0~ 300
Sensor Output Value in humid soil:
Sensor Output Value in water:
700 ~ 950
Operating voltage:
Operating current:

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