Handheld 2" Thermal Transfer Printer with Sensor

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RT628 Handheld 2" Thermal transfer Printer Mechanism with sensor compatible with Fujitsu FTP628 MCL101/MCL103

The thermal print - transfer print comprises three parts. First part is non-movable print head, second is a carbon ribbon and third is a material to be printed that would be paper, synthetics, card or textile materials.

Printing MethodThermal
Dots/line384 dots/line
Printing Width(mm)48
Paper Width(mm)58
Feed Resolution(mm)0.125
Weight(g)About 80
Head temperature detectionThermistor
Paper detectionPhoto-sensor
Operation voltage range(V)3.0 - 8.0 4.2V - 9.0V
Logical voltage(V)3.0 ? 7.0
Operating temperature(?C)0 - 40
Operating humiture(RH)20% - 80%
Storage temperatue(?C)25 - 70
Storage humidity(RH)10% - 90%

Applications in industry includes:

  • Barcode labels (as labels printed with a thermal printer tend not to last long) and marking of clothing labels (shirt size etc.).
  • Label printers with plastic, paper, and metal label materials.

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