HC-49SMD 8MHZ 20PF 20PPM 2Pad SMD/SMT Quartz Crystal

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The crystals are electronic frequency components made of standard quartz crystal pre-eminent for reducing EMI effect and with frequency stability capable to send a stable clock signal to the device. Crystal resonators are a passive component with Piezoelectricity. When we apply a voltage to a piece of quartz crystal, its shape changes producing a characteristic known as the Piezo-electric effect, providing stable and precise frequency as a result. The Piezo-electric effect is the property of a crystal by which an electrical charge produces a mechanical force by changing the shape of the crystal and vice versa, a mechanical force applied to the crystal produces an electrical charge.


Extra Information

8 mhz
Load Capacitance:
20 pF
Frequency Tolerance:
20 ppm

Warranty Information

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