HLK-PM03 3W Ultra-compact AC-DC Power Module ACin: 100-240V, DCout: 3.3V

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HLK-PM03 3W Ultra-compact AC-DC Power Module VACIN: 100-240, VDCOUT:3.3

Key Features

Rated input voltage

100-240 VAC

Input voltage range

90-264 VAC

Maximum input current

?0.2 A

Load rated output voltage

+3.3?0.1 VDC

Full rated output voltage

+3.3?0.2 VDC

Max Output Current (Short-term)

?1200 mA

Max Output Current (Long-term)

?1000 mA

Voltage Regulation


Load Regulation


Output ripple and noise

?70 mV

Input Low Voltage Efficiency

Vin=110VAc?Output full-load?69%

Input High Voltage Efficiency

Vin=220VAc?output full-load?70%

Operating Temp

-20-+60 ?

Storage Temp

-40-+80 ?

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