Variable Load Power Blynk Starter Kit with Multiwatt Large Heatsink SparkFun

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The SparkFun Variable Load Kit is a quick-to-assemble board designed to allow users to draw a specific amount of current from a voltage input. This kit can be used to test stability of the power supply under various loads, battery lifetime, safety cutoffs and other design elements. The Variable Load Kit can test supplies of up to 30V at currents ranging from a few mA all the way up to 4A. The Variable Load board is meant to work with one of two output modes: either using a console on a PC for feedback or using a 16x2 character LCD. In either case, the capacitive touch buttons on the front of the Variable Load PCB can be used to change the settings.

Note: This kit will need to be assembled before use, so knowledge of soldering will be required.

Package Content
  1. 1x Variable Load Board
  2. 1x N-Channel MOSFET 60V 30A
  3. 1x Multiwatt Package Large Heatsink
  4. 1x Screw Terminal (2-Pin)
  5. 1x Hex Nut (4-40)
  6. 1x Phillips Head Screw (4-40, 3/8")
  7. 4x Phillips Head Screw (4-40, 1/4")
  8. 4x Plastic Standoff (4-40; 3/8")

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