LP-12 Series 7-Pin Male Plug IP67 Waterproof Power Connector

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The LP series is one of the best-selling series waterproof connectors made with high-performance engineering plastics. The quick plug design allows one-hand plug/unplug. The copper needle of the power is adopted gold plated technology, which can resist corrosion and suitable for high low temperatures. LP-12 series connectors have been widely used in a variety of challenging environments and situations, such as audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, industrial control, inspection, and measurement, due to their small size, flexible operation and automatic insertion and removal. Compact components, simple operation, fast and stable connection, IP67 rated outdoor waterproof performance. Satisfy the quality and meet the environmental protection requirements of international industrial equipment.

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Extra Information

Linko Electric
Connecting mode:
Easy locking type
Insertion and extraction force:
2.1N Max
Wire specification:
UL2464 24AWG*2C
Rated current:
Mating cycle:
1700 times
Temperature and humidity:
-40~80C, 40C, 85%RH
Contact dimension:
Phi 0.8x7
Protection level:
Number of pins:
Operating voltage (AC):
Diameter range:
Screw torque:
42-53 (N.m)
Contact resistance:
Withstand voltage (AC) 1min:
Method of connecting cable:

Warranty Information

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