MICS-VZ-89TE - Indoor Air Quality Sensor Module

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The MiCS-VZ-89TE combines state-of-the-art MOS sensor technology with intelligent detection algorithms to monitor tVOCs and CO2 equivalent variations in confined spaces, e.g. meeting rooms or vehicle cabins. The dual signal output can be used to control ventilation on-demand, saving energy and reducing cost-ofownership.





Extra Information

SGX Sensortech
Detection Method:
Semiconductor gas sensor, detecting a wide range of VOCs
Monitoring Range:
400-2000 ppm equivalent CO2, 0-1000 ppb isobutylene equivalent tVOCs
I2C Output:
Pin 2 and 4 : Pull-up of 4.7 kOhms on master SDA and SCL
Refresh Output Frequency:
1 Hz
PWM Output:
TTL output 30Hz +/-1%, Range 5…95%, duty cycle 3.3V
Supply Voltage:
3.3V DC regulated +/- 5%
Response Time:
Equivalent to conventional NDIR-CO2 sensors < 5 seconds for tVOC
Operating Power:
125 mW
Operating Humidity:
0%RH to 95%RH (non condensing)
Warm-up Time:
15 min
Operating Temperature:
Target Gas:
Air Quality

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