Nitrogen-Dioxide Gas Sensor NO2 Click Board

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NO2 click is a very accurate nitrogen-dioxide gas sensor Click board, equipped with the SPEC amperometric gas sensor which electrochemically reacts with the nitrogen-dioxide (NO2). It is supported by the LMP91000, a high-precision integrated analog front-end IC (AFE), perfectly suited for use in electrochemical sensing applications. The Click board also provides the reference voltage required by the sensor and offers a choice between the analog output from the AFE IC buffered with the low noise op-amp, and digital output from the 12-bit SAR A/D converter.


Extra Information

Measurement range:
0~20 ppm
Response time:
Operating Humidity Range:
0~100 % RH
Operating Temperature Range:
-20~40 C
Analog, I2C
On-board modules:
LMP9100SD, an integrated AFE for chemical sensing applications, MCP3221, a 12-bit SAR ADC from Microchip, OPA344, an operational amplifier from Texas Instruments, MCP1501, a high precision buffered reference, from Microchip
Input Voltage:
3.3V or 5V

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