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LM2596S - DC-DC small adjustable step down module Vin:3-40 Vout:1.5-35

LM2596S - DC-DC small adjustable step down module Vin:3-40 Vout:1.5-35

Manufacturer: Simplifix
Part No: LM2596S-Module
Availability: In Stock
40 or more ₹119.00

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LM2596 DC-DC 3A adjustable step-down power supply module, DC-DC Buck Converter.

Application areas:
DIY mobile power, communications equipment, power supply

·         IN + input positive – IN-input negative!

·         The OUT + output the positive OUT – output negative

·         Input voltage range: DC 3V to 40V (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage above 1.5V. Module Could not boost the DC)

·         Output voltage range: DC voltage from 1.5V to 35V continuously adjustable, maximum output current of 3A.

·         The measured 12V input, 5V output current is 1A load regulation of less than 1%

·         Dimensions: 45 (L) * 20 (W) * 14 (H) mm (with potentiometer), Smallest size you have ever seen, and with positioning holes, LED indicator DC-DC Module

Note: This is a step-down module, the input voltage must higher than the output voltage.


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