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Pioneer600, Raspberry Pi Expansion Board


  1. Pioneer600 x 1
  2. DS18B20 x1
  3. USB Type A Plug to Micro B Plug Cable x 1
  4. RPi screws pack (2pcs) x 1

Pioneer600 Features

  1. Supports Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B
  2. dual LED, joystick, buzzer, the basic components
  3. CP2102, control the Pi through serial terminal
  4. 0.96inch OLED, big world in the little screen
  5. DS3231, high precision, backup battery holder is also available
  6. PCF8591, 8-bit resolution, screw terminal IO interface
  7. PCF8574, more GPIO, more possibility
  8. LFN0038K, Raspberry Pi remote control comes true
  9. BMP280, measuring air pressure and temperature
  10. <1-WIRE> for connecting 1-WIRE devices, DS18B20 is included
  11. for connecting various sensors


What's on the Pioneer600


  1. Raspberry Pi GPIO interface : for connecting Raspberry Pi
  2. USB TO UART : control the Pi through serial terminal
  3. AD/DA IO interface : screw terminal
  4. 1-WIRE interface : for connecting 1-WIRE devices like DS18B20
  5. Sensor interface : for connecting various sensors
  6. 0.96inch OLED : SSD1306 driver, 128x64 resolution, SPI interface
  7. Buzzer
  8. CP2102 : USB TO UART converter
  9. PCF8591 : 8-bit AD/DA converter, I2C interface
  10. BMP280 : pressure sensor, I2C interface
  11. PCF8574 : I/O expansion chip, I2C interface
  12. DS3231 : high precision RTC chip, I2C interface
  13. Power indicator
  14. User LED
  15. Joystick
  16. LFN0038K IR receiver

Development Resources

  1. User manual
  2. Schematic
  3. Demo codes : python and C (WringPi/BCM2835 C Library/SysFs)
  4. Raspberry Pi tutorials
  5. Raspbian (configured system image)

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