PIR Sensor HC-SR501

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The sensor is a passive infrared motion detector sensor; the sensor uses the infrared detection chip to detect the infrared radiation emitted by the physical object. The sensor is best used for motion detection system under security application. Nearly every physical objects whether living or non-living objects emits heat radiation in the form of infrared radiation. This unique property of heat radiation signature of every physical object helps the PIR sensor to detect the motion, however the sensor role is not to detect the radiation, infact the change in the level of the heat radiation is the key trigger to sense the motion of the physical object. The level change in the radiation due to movement of the object trigger the sensor to generate the output, which is further used by microcontroller unit to help in making alarm or switching any kind of AC/DC devices. PIR HC- SR501 uses best quality Fresnel lens in order to cover wide angle of detection, with additional features of adjustable sensitivity and delay, the device runs between 4.5 volt to 20 volt, with the output voltage of 3.3 volt when HIGH and 0 volt when LOW.


Extra Information

Operating voltage range:
4.5 - 20 V
Quiescent Current:
< 50 ua
Delay Time:
0.5 - 200 s (adjustable)
Level output:
High 3.3 V /Low 0 V
Block Time:
0.5 s (can be made a range)
Board Dimension:
32 x 24 mm
Angle Sensor:
< 100 cone angle

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