Portable Gas Detector (Diffusion Type)

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The diffusion type Portable (oxygen & hydrocarbon) Gas Detector is a small, handheld device that displays the concentration of gas on an LCD backlit screen in %V/V or %LEL units. The Electrochemical/ Catalytic gas sensors used in the PG series generally give a detection accuracy of ±2% over Full Scale.

These pocket detectors are well equipped with a password protection facility, buzzer cum vibrator for quick alerts, and configurable alarms with two independent set points. An optional data logging of 50,000 records with USB interface are add-ons given with this product.

The PG-100-D can be used as a piece of personalized safety equipment for providing localized monitoring. It is widely used by safety managers for performing Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) to identify, comprehend, and mitigate the potential risks present at a particular work site. The purpose of handheld gas detectors also includes testing an atmosphere in a confined space before entry for tracing leaks or to give an early warning of the presence of flammable gas/vapor, checking oxygen deficiency when work needs to be carried out in a hazardous area.

Note: The above offer is for limited gases and limited range/resolution. * terms & conditions apply.

Range and Resolution Table

Package Contents
1. User Manual
2. AC Charger Adaptor
3. Protection Cover
4. Calibration Cap for Diffusion Type
5. Test Calibration Certificate
6. Reference Calibration gas certificate

Applications of Portable Gas Detectors
• Refineries & Petrochemical plant including offshore drilling and plant shutdowns
• Waste-water treatment plants
• Steel mills
• Pulp & Paper Industry
• Personal Monitoring
• Ambient Monitoring
• Leak Detection
• Incoming Cylinder inspection
• Emergency response to a gas leak
• Equipment maintenance
• Pre-entry check quality control process
• Process or emission gas analysis
Ambetronics Portable Gas Detector Series Video

Extra Information

Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Detection Method:
Diffusion Type
Response Time:
Less than 10 Sec
Alarm Violations:
Indicated by Integrated Vibrator & Buzzer (85dB Audible from 1 foot)
Alarm Set Point:
Two independent set points, AL1 & AL2 with LED indication
Optional Data Logging:
Logging Capacity: 50,000 records with data available in ASCII format | Data Download: In PC Through USB interface using Terminal software
2- line LCD with Backlight
As specified in the table
Parameter Setting:
Setting by three keys, i.e. (SET, SHIFT, INCR)
Storage Temp:
-10 C to +60 C
Operating Temp:
-10 C to +55 C
140 mm(H) x 70 mm(W) x 40 mm(D)
225 Grams
Below 95% RH, non condensing

Warranty Information

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