Quectel L70 GPS Module

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The L70 GPS module brings the high performance of MTK positioning engine to the industrial applications. It is able to achieve the industry’s highest level of sensitivity, accuracy and TTFF with the lowest power consumption in a small-footprint lead-free package. With 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels, it acquires and tracks satellites in the shortest time even at indoor signal level. The embedded flash memory provides capacity for users to store some useful navigation data and allows for future updates.


Extra Information

Power Supply:
2.8V~4.3V Typical voltage: 3.3V
Power Consumption:
Acquisition: 18mA @VCC=3.3V, Tracking:12mA @VCC=3.3V, Standby: 200uA @VCC=3.3V, Backup: [email protected]_BCKP=3.3V
TTFF (EASY Disabled):
Cold start (Autonomous):
TTFF (EASY Enabled):
Cold start:
Update Rate:
Up to 10Hz, 1Hz by default
Receiver Type:
GPS L1 1575.42MHz C/A Code, 66 search channels, 22 simultaneous tracking channels
Sensitivity (Embedded LNA):
Acquisition: -148dBm, Re-acquisition: -160dBm, Tracking: -167dBm
Horizontal Position Accuracy (Autonomous):
Acceleration Accuracy:
Without aid: 0.1m/s2
Dynamic Performance:
Maximum altitude: 18,000m, Maximum velocity: 515m/s Maximum, Acceleration: 4G
Velocity Accuracy:
Without aid: 0.1m/s
Accuracy of 1PPS Signal:
Typical accuracy: ±10ns, Time pulse width 100ms
UART Port:
UART port: TXD1 and RXD1, Supports baud rate from 4800bps to 115200bps, 9600bps by default
Temperature Range:
-40~85 C
Physical Characteristics:
Size: 10.1 ×9.7 ×2.5 mm, Weight: Approx. 0.6g

Warranty Information

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