R315 315MHZ 75K 3Pin DIP Through-Hole SAW Resonator

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The SAW resonators are used as filters, oscillators and transformers for the devices based on the transduction of acoustic waves. The transduction of electric energy into mechanical energy is accomplished by the use of piezoelectric materials. These are used in electronic circuitry for different types of functions like delay lines, filters, correlators and DC to DC converters.

Key Features

Mounting Type

3Pin DIP Through-Hole

Input Power

10 dBm

Central Frequency

315 MHz

Frequency Tolerance

?75 KHz

Transducer Static Capacitance

2.7 pF

Insertion Loss

1.5 dB

Operating Temperature

-40 ~ +85 ?

Storage Temperature

-45 ~ +85 ?

Frequency Aging

RoHS Compliant


Industrial Applications

Wireless Communication

Remote Control


Consumer Electronics

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