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Pixy2 CMUcam5 Smart Vision SensorHighlights➤ Pixy2 detects lines, intersections and small barcodes, intended for line-following robots➤ Improved framerate – 60 frames-per-second➤ Tracking algorithms h..
One of the coolest part of IoT project must be the identification technology, 125Khz RFID module – UART is the most popular RFID module that produced by Seeed, By connecting this RFID module to Arduin..
This adapter is a USB to UART interface to be used with any base board compatible with the 96Boards Consumer Edition or Enterprise Edition specifications.It makes it easy to connect your PC to the ser..
AI7688H - A Linux, Wi-Fi, SOC, open development platform based on the OpenWrt Linux distribution designed to enable the prototyping of IoT devicesKey Features➤ Embedded MIPS24KEc (575/580 MHz) with 64..
Air602 WiFi Development Board, integrated USB interface and AntennaKey Features➤ Interface➤ USB interface➤ UART/SPI➤ Integrated GPIO device controllerWireless➤ Support IEEE802.11 b/g/e/i/d/k/r/s/w/n➤ ..
Arch Link is an mbed enabled development board based on Nordic nRF51822 and WIZnet W5500 ethernet interface. With Arduino form factor, Grove connectors and micro SD interface, it is extremely easy to ..
The ARTIK Interface II board provides the same functionality as the original interface board, including access to peripheral such as GPIO, SPI, ADCs and UARTs through two 40 pin connectors, plus Ardui..
Arduino Uno is the most popular Arduino board so far, however it is sometimes frustrating when your project requires a lot of sensors or Leds and your jumper wires are in a mess. The purpose of creati..
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BeagleBone Green is the product of joint effort by both SeeedStudio and Unlike other BeagleBone development board this too is a low-cost, community-supported development platform for ..
In collaboration with SeeedStudio & BeagleBone,the BeagleBoneGreen Wireless (BBGW) is based on the open-source hardware design of BeagleBone Black and developed into this differentiated version.Beagle..
The BLE Carbon is joint efforts by 96Boards and Seeed, aims to provide economic and compact  BLE solutions for IoT projects.96Boards is produced by Linaro, a nonprofit oganization cofunded  ..
BLE NitrogenKey Features➤ nRF52832 microcontroller with 512kB Flash, 64kB ram➤ USB power supply with fuse protect➤ Battery management➤ Onboard battery charger➤ Battery connector➤ Battery charge indica..
Breakout for LinkIt Smart 7688 v2.0, succeeding the first version (check here), now can better support the audio recording function. As it reserves the original pins of LinkIt Smart 7688, the board al..
Bus Pirate v4 is a universal bus interface that talks to electronics from a computer serial terminal. Get to know a chip without writing code. Eliminates a ton of early prototyping effort with new or ..
CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed and high reliability. It is commonly found on modern machine tools and as an automotive diagnostic bu..
The Dragino LoRa Shield is a long range transceiver on a Arduino shield form factor and based on Open source library.The LoRa Shield allows the user to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low..
There are many IoT platform out there in the market, among which we have developed many product kit for them. This time we created a new development kit named Eagleye 530s, which is powered by the Sam..
Seeedstudio ESP8285 Wi-Fi SoC Module Key Features➤ The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SoC module➤ Uses low power 32bit CPU and compatible with application processor➤ Main frequency up to 160MHz➤ Built in ..
The sensor is designed for indoor air quality testing. The main gas detected is carbon monoxide, alcohol, acetone, thinner, formaldehyde and other slightly toxic gases. It is compatible with 5V and 3...
This new version of button twig contains one independent button, which are configured with pull-down resistor ? Ready for use with our microcontrollers as digital input. The button signals the SIG wir..
This is a simple yet enjoyable twig to use. The piezo can be connected to digital outputs, and will emit a tone when the output is high. Alternatively it can be connected to an analog pulse-width modu..
This module is based on the I2C light-to-digital converter TSL2561 to transform light intensity to a digital signal. Different from traditional analog light sensor, as Grove - Light Sensor, this digit..
This Dust Sensor gives a good indication of the air quality in an environment by measuring the dust concentration. The Particulate Matter level (PM level) in the air is measured by counting the Low Pu..
GSR stands for galvanic skin response and it is a method of measuring the electrical conductance of the skin. Strong emotions can cause stimulus to your sympathetic nervous system, resulting more swea..
Grove - Heelight SensorNote: Please note that this sensor can only recognize digital voice. If you need human voice recognition module, please consider the Respeaker or Grove - Speech Recognizer.Key F..
Grove - High Precision RTCKey Features➤ Provides year, month, day, weekday, hours, minutes, and seconds based on a 32.768 kHz quartz crystal➤ Clock operating voltage: 0.9 V to 5.5 V➤ Low current: typi..
Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2Highlights➤ Grove compatible interface➤ 16-Bit digital output with I 2C at 400 kHz➤ SYNC Input Synchronizes Integration Cycle to Modulated Light Sources➤ Programmable interr..
.Grove - IMU 10DOF v2.0, A combination of MPU-9250 and BMP280Highlights➤ Digital-output X-, Y-, and Z-Axis angular rate sensors (gyroscopes) with a user-programmable full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1..
Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2 - The reflective photosensor - RPR-220Key Features➤ Panel-mounting Grove interface➤ Digital output: 0 or VCC➤ Built-in indicator LED➤ Threshold adjustable via p..
Grove - IR Distance Interrupter v1.2 - A high-sensitivity ITR9909 photo-reflectorHighlights➤ Easy to use➤ Integrated indicator LED➤ Digital output➤ Adjustable detecting rangeKey Features➤ Power supply..
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