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SEK-SensorBridge - Sensirion Evaluation Kit for Environmental Sensors

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Connect two sensors to one SEK-SensorBridge and evaluate simultaneously

The SEK-SensorBridge allows you to connect suitable Sensirion sensors to a computer. It works hand-in-hand with the SEK-ControlCenter software. There are two ports on the SensorBridge, allowing you to connect sensors. You can connect more than one sensor to each port, provided that the sensors have different I2C addresses. Each port corresponds to an independent channel offering:

  • I2C bus with speed up to 1MHz
  • 1.2V – 5.5V selectable supply
  • Power supply up to 250mA @ 5V
  • Analog in (0 – 5.5V)
  • SPI bus with speed up to 2MHz

The standard interface between the SensorBridge and a computer is an USB Virtual COM Port, using a standard USB micro connector. This offers a fast plug-and-play interface to your computer and works seamlessly with the SEK-ControlCenter software. You can connect several SensorBridges on a computer for simultaneous evaluation of multiple sensors, limited mainly by the power consumption of the sensors and the capability of the computer. A powered USB hub is a good option for expanding your system, if necessary.

The sensors are connected to the SensorBridge using a RJ45 connector. The schema in below figure shows the signal assignments for the two RJ45 ports.

Schema of RJ45 connector

Sensirion Evaluation Kit Overview



Important: For evaluating particulate matter sensors (SEK-SPS30), VOC sensors (SEK-SVM40) and formaldehyde sensors (SEK-SFA30) no SEK-SensorBridge is needed.

  • 1x SensorBridge
  • 1x USB connector cable

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