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TypeClock/CalendarFeaturesAlarm, Leap Year, Square Wave OutputTime FormatHH:MM:SS (12/24 hr)Date For..
 IC, EEPROM I2C 2K, 24C02, DIP8  Memory Size: 2Kbit  Memory Configuration:&nbs..
 IC, EEPROM I2C 4K, 24C04, DIP8  Memory Size: 4Kbit  Memory Configuration:&nbs..
 IC, EEPROM I2C 32K, 24C32, DIP8  Memory Size: 32Kbit  Memory Configuration:&n..
 IC, EEPROM I2C 64K, 24C64, DIP8  Memory Size: 64Kbit  Memory Configuration:&n..
 EEPROM SERIAL 256K, 24LC256, DIP8  Memory Size: 256Kbit  Memory Configuration..
   IC, EEPROM SERIAL 32K, 24LC32, DIP8  Memory Size: 32Kbit  Memory Conf..
   EEPROM SERIAL 512K, 24LC512, DIP8  Memory Size: 512Kbit  Memory Confi..
  IC, 74HC CMOS, 74HC164, DIP14, 6V  Shift Register Function: Serial to Paralle..
  Logic Type: NAND  Logic Case Style: DIP  No. of Pins: 14  S..
  Logic Type: Inverter  Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 1 &nbs..
  Logic Type: Inverter  Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 1 &nbs..
74LS06 LOGIC, BUFF/DVR HEX INVERT, 14DIP  Logic Device Type: Buffer, Inverting  Sup..
  Logic Type: AND  Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 2  Sup..
  Propagation Delay: 13ns  Frequency: 25MHz  Output Current: 8mA &..
74LS132 Logic Type:NAND  Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 2  Su..
 74LS138 IC, 3 TO 8 LINE DECODER/DMUX, DIP-16  Logic Type: Decoder / Demultipl..
   Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 1  Supply Voltage Range:&nbs..
  Logic Type: Decoder / Demultiplexer  No. of Outputs: 16  Supply Voltag..
  Logic Type: Shift Register  No. of Elements: 1  IC Output Type: D..
74LS21 Logic Type:AND Gate  Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 4  ..
   LOGIC, BUFF/DVR TRI-ST OCTAL, 20DIP  Logic Device Type: Buffer, Inverting ..
   IC, OCTAL BUS TRANSCEIVER, 3-STATE, DIP-20  Logic Device Type: Transceiver,..
  Logic Device Type: Transceiver, Non Inverting  Supply Voltage Range: 4.5V to..
 Logic Type:NOR  Output Current: 8mA  No. of Inputs: 3  Supply Vol..
  IC, QUAD OR GATE, 2I/P, DIP-14  Logic Type: OR Gate  No. of Inputs: 2 ..
  IC Applications: Driving Common Anode LEDs, Incandescent Indicators  Logic Type:&..
   Shift Register Function: Serial to Parallel  Logic Type: Shift Registe..
  Propagation Delay: 15ns  Frequency: 30MHz  Output Current: 8mA &..
  Flip-Flop Type: D  Propagation Delay: 13ns  Frequency: 33MHz &nb..
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