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STM8 8-bit MCU 32KB Flash 16 MHz CPU EEPROM 48-LQFP

STM8L052C6T6 - STM8 8-bit MCU 32KB Flash 16 MHz CPU EEPROM 48-LQFP

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
Part No: STM8L052C6T6
Availability: In Stock

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Ultra-low-power 8-bit MCU with 32 Kbytes Flash, 16 MHz CPU, integrated EEPROM 48-LQFP

Key Features

➤ Five low-power modes: Wait, Low-power run (5.1 μA), Low-power wait (3 μA), Active-halt with full RTC (1.3 μA), Halt (350 nA)

➤ Consumption: 195 μA/MHz + 440 μA

➤ Ultra-low leakage per I/0: 50 nA

➤ Fast wakeup from Halt: 4.7 μs

➤ Harvard architecture and 3-stage pipeline

➤ Max freq. 16 MHz, 16 CISC MIPS peak

➤ Up to 40 external interrupt sources

➤ Low-power, ultra-safe BOR reset with five selectable thresholds

➤ Ultra-low-power POR/PDR

➤ Programmable voltage detector (PVD)

➤ 32 kHz and 1 to 16 MHz crystal oscillator

➤ Internal 16 MHz factory-trimmed RC

➤ Internal 38 kHz low consumption RC

➤ Clock security system

➤ BCD calendar with alarm interrupt

➤ Auto-wakeup from Halt w/ periodic interrupt

➤ up to 4x28 segments w/ step-up converter

➤ 32 KB Flash program memory and 256 bytes data EEPROM with ECC, RWW

➤ Flexible write and read protection modes

➤ 2 Kbytes of RAM

➤ Four channels supporting ADC, SPI, I2C, USART, timers

➤ One channel for memory-to-memory

➤ 12-bit ADC up to 1 Msps/25 channels

➤ Two 16-bit timers with two channels (used as IC, OC, PWM), quadrature encoder

➤ One 16-bit advanced control timer with three channels, supporting motor control

➤ One 8-bit timer with 7-bit prescaler

➤ Two watchdogs: one Window, one Independent

➤ Beeper timer with 1-, 2- or 4-kHz frequencies

➤ Synchronous serial interface (SPI)

➤ Fast I2C 400 kHz SMBus and PMBus

➤ USART (ISO 7816 interface and IrDA)

➤ Up to 41 I/Os, all mappable on interrupt vectors

➤ Fast on-chip programming and non- intrusive debugging with SWIM

➤ Bootloader using USART



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