MAX31855K Thermocouple Breakout SPI Serial Interface SparkFun

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The SparkFun MAX31855K Thermocouple Breakout is a simple 14-bit resolution, SPI-compatible, serial interface thermocouple digitizer that makes reading a wide range of temperatures possible. The SparkFun Thermocouple Breakout takes a standard Type-K thermocouple in one end, digitizes the temperature measured and sends that data out the other end via a SPI interface, thereby interpreting the data and translating it for you to read.

With the SparkFun Thermocouple Breakout, the thermocouple’s hot junction can be read from -200C to +700C with an accuracy of +-2C while the cold junction, inside the MAX31855K, can only range from -20C to +85C while maintaining +-2C accuracy.

Datasheet (MAX31855K)
GitHub (Design Files)
GitHub (Library & Example Code)

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