SEN-13762 - SparkFun IMU Breakout - MPU-9250

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SparkFun IMU Breakout - MPU-9250

Key Features

? Digital-output X-, Y-, and Z-axis angular rate sensors (gyroscopes) with a user-programmable full-scale range of ?250, ?500, ?1,000 and ?2,000?/sec and integrated 16-bit     ADCs

? Digital-output triple-axis accelerometer with a programmable full-scale range of ?2g, ?4g, ?8g and ?16g and integrated 16-bit ADCs

? 3-axis silicon monolithic Hall-effect magnetic sensor with magnetic concentrator

? Digitally programmable low-pass Gyroscope filter

? Gyroscope operating current: 3.2mA

? Accelerometer normal operating current: 450?A

? Magnetometer normal operating current: 280?A at 8Hz repetition rate

? VDD supply voltage range of 2.4 ? 3.6V

? Small board design

? Detachable mounting holes


Datasheet (MPU-9250)

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