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Respiratory Irritant Sensor 20 ppm Pinned Package

110-901 - Respiratory Irritant Sensor 20 ppm Pinned Package

Manufacturer: SPEC Sensors
Part No: 110-901
Availability: In Stock

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Designed for the broad detection gases that irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs


RESP_IRR_20 is a Screen Printed ElectroChemical sensor component designed for the broad (non-specific) detection of respiratory irritant gases: NO2, Ozone, Chlorines, SO2, H2S, and odorous gases

Key Features

➤ Ultra-Low Power Sensor (with Circuit – < 10 uW max)
➤ Sensitive – In the ppb range
➤ Cold operation – No Heating required
➤ Stable Response– Not affected by humidity, CO2, N2, Ar, most saturated hydrocarbons, hexane, and ammonia
➤ Small Size& Low Profile – 20x20x3 mm
➤ Easy to Use – Linear Response
➤ Long Life – 10 years expected life
➤ Fast Response – < 60 seconds
➤ ROHS Compliant


RESP_IRR_20 P Package 110-901

Indoor Air Pollution from Natural Gas Stoves

SPEC Sensor Operation Overview

SPEC AN-103 Power-On Stabilization

SPEC AN-104 Environmental Effects

SPEC AN-105 Selectivity and Cross-Sensitivity

SPEC AN-106 Gas Sampling and Material Considerations

SPEC AN-107 Characterization and Calibration

SPEC AN-108 Extreme Environment Operation

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