Humidity Sensor

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AM1001 is resistance type humidity sensors, analog voltage output sensor signal; with high..
₹135.00 ₹109.00
Pre calibrated with resistive sense technology coupled with NTC thermistor, for the precise reading ..
DHT11 is a popular, low-cost, digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor from Aosong. The sensor uses a..
Large amount of data acquisition with greater accuracy and stability, DHT22 holds better position th..
This is wired version of the DHT22 (AM2302), equipped with capacitive humidity sensor and a thermist..
 Lost cost, highly stable and produces in bulk, this is a SHT20 humidity and temperature sensor..
With additionallyelectronic read-out of tracking information for humidity sensor, the device is extr..
  Come in DFN packaging,high precision, lost cost and produces in bulk, this is a SHT25 Hi..
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