Humidity Sensor

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AM1001 is resistance type humidity sensors, analog voltage output sensor signal; with high accuracy, high reliability, consistency, easy to use, inexpensive, and is ..
AM2305 (CM2305) is a calibrated digital signal output Temperature and Humidity Sensor. It is designed for use with the digital module acquisition technology and temperature and hum..
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Pre calibrated with resistive sense technology coupled with NTC thermistor, for the precise reading of the relative Humidity and surrounding temperature DHT 11 break-out board is a..
DHT11 is a popular, low-cost, digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor from Aosong. The sensor uses a resistive sense and NTC temperature measurement component as a sensing unit.The..
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Large amount of data acquisition with greater accuracy and stability, DHT22 holds better position than DHT11. The sensor is precisely calibrated. The highly stable, anti-interferen..
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This is wired version of the DHT22 (CM2302 or AM2302), equipped with capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding, and gives a digital signal on the singl..
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 Lost cost, highly stable and produces in bulk, this is a SHT20 humidity and temperature sensor IC for precision measuring of temperature and humidity.This small IC finds appl..
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With additionallyelectronic read-out of tracking information for humidity sensor, the device is extremely small in size with digital footprint of 3 x 3 mm. SH21 integrates sensors,..
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  Come in DFN packaging,high precision, lost cost and produces in bulk, this is a SHT25 High End humidity and temperature sensor IC for precision measuring of temperature and humid..
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