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DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Manufacturer: Aosong
Part No: DHT11
Availability: In Stock

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DHT11 is a popular, low-cost, digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor from Aosong. The sensor uses a resistive sense and NTC temperature measurement component as a sensing unit.

The reading made by DHT11 is very precise and stable; however the user needs to update the reading of the sensor in every 2 sec in order to avoid previous garbage collection of data. The sensor is portable and highly stable, can be used with any type of embedded devices for weather monitoring types of applications. Single data line is used for retrieving the measurement made by the sensor. Owing to its small size DHT11 consumes very low power; normally 3-5.5 volt power is used for the working of the sensorand up-to-20 meter signal transmission makes this device suitable and popular for various applications.

The device has 4-pin single row pin package making it easier to connect and special packages can be arranged according to user defined application.

Features Specifications
Dimension 12mm x 10mm x 28mm
Voltage DC 5V
Output Digital
Humidity  accuracy ±5%RH
Humidity Range 20-90%RH
Temperature range 0-60?
Temperature accuracy ±2?
Dimension 12mm x 10mm x 28mm

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