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LDR - 5mm

LDR - 5mm

Manufacturer: Generic
Part No: LDR-5MM
Availability: In Stock

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This a 5 mm size light sensor which changes resistance with the change in the ambient light exposed on the surface of the sensor. LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) is a type of photocell which finds excellent use in light sensing device application, whether it is automatic outdoor light ON/OFF switch or Indoor automatic light switching. The sensor works best in both Light and dark region.

LDR is used by connecting one pin to the power supply (ex. 5 volt) and the other pin to the analog input of the microcontroller board, the output side of the LDR shows voltage range higher than 2.5 volt according to light and dark region. To obtain best result connect 10K pull down resistor from analog pin to ground.

Its resistance in light of 10 Lux is 8 ~ 20KOhm and in dark resistance of 0 Lux is 1.0M Ohm (min.). LDR is mainly use as a light sensor, colour sensor, line sensor etc.

Light Resistance 10K Ohm @ 10Lux
Dark Resistance 1.0M Ohm @ 0 Lux
Max Voltage 150 volt
Max Power 100 mW
Size(dia.) 5 mm
Application Outdoor/Indoor light switching, light sensor, line sensor

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