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ReSpeaker Core v2.0 - Seeedstudio

Manufacturer: Seeed Studio
Part No: 102990883
Availability: In Stock

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ReSpeaker Core v2.0


➤ Smart Speaker

➤ Intelligent Voice Assistant System

➤ Voice Recorder

➤ Voice Conferencing System

➤ Meeting Communication Equipment

➤ Voice Interacting Robot

➤ Car Voice Assistant

➤ Other Scenarios Utilizing Voice Interfaces

Key Features

➤ Debian-Based Linux System

➤ SDK for Speech Algorithms with Full Documents

➤ C++ SDK and Python Wrapper

➤ Speech Algorithms and Features

➤ Keyword Spotting (Wake-Up)

➤ BF (Beamforming)

➤ DoA (Direction of Arrival)

➤ NS (Noise Suppression)

➤ AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

➤ All-in-One Solution with High-Performance SoC

➤ 8 Channel ADC for 6 Microphone Array and 2 Loopbacks (Hardware Loopback)


How to DIY A Gatling Gun-Style Voice-Controlled Wi-Fi Speaker

Smart Home

Wake Up Distance Test

ReSpeaker Core v2.0 Wiki

How to turn your traditional speaker into a Wifi speaker?

Smart Front Desk

ReSpeaker Voice Reception System

ReSpeaker Core v2.0 - Alexa Demo

The Debian and Android is supported now

A High Performance Platform

An Onboard 6-Mic Array with Professional Voice Enhancement Algorithms

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